JAKARTA: An Australian woman cleared of plotting to assassinate East Timor’s top political leaders intends to sue the country’s President.Angelita Pires says Jose Ramos-Horta was a driving force behind allegations of her involvement in the February 2008 attempt on the President’s life and that of the Prime Minister, Xanana Gusmao.”I have instructed my lawyers to take civil action against the people who defamed me, including the President,” Ms Pires said yesterday in Jakarta. ”He must apologise and he must be responsible for the damage he has caused me.”At the time of the attacks Ms Pires, 44, was the lover of the rebel leader Alfredo Reinado, who was shot dead during a gunfight that left Dr Ramos-Horta critically wounded.After his recovery, Dr Ramos-Horta made a series of public statements making it clear he believed Ms Pires had been involved in the plots.But with an appeals court this week upholding an earlier not guilty verdict, Ms Pires believes she is now entitled to legal redress. She says she will return to East Timor ”very soon” to pursue the legal action.”They have done the wrong thing by me,” she said. ”If I didn’t return that would be letting them get away with it.”Beyond that, Ms Pires is also planning a tilt at East Timorese politics to fight social injustices such as corruption and poverty.Ms Pires is also working on an autobiography that will focus on her time with Mr Reinado. ”Alfredo left behind a lot of good memories for me and I think it’s important to set the record straight,” she said.The appeals court this week also reduced the sentences of some of the 24 men jailed over the attacks. But Ms Pires said she would not rest until all of Mr Reinado’s men have been freed.”They are innocent,” she said. ”The decision that the judges made went totally against the evidence.”Associated Press