EVERY day, for about 10 years, Johann Heinrich has sent a fax. It goes to Airservices Australia, as well as the federal ministers Anthony Albanese and Peter Garrett, and documents the aircraft noise over his home that day.Mr Heinrich, 62, has lived in Summer Hill for 25 years with his wife and children.”It has been turned into a hell hole,” he said. He has suffered hearing loss, and says he experiences pain in his ears every time a plane goes overhead, as well as constant headaches.Mr Heinrich, who has a noise meter connected to his computer, is one of a handful of people responsible for most of Sydney’s aircraft noise complaints.In one month alone, six people in Summer Hill made 393 complaints to Airservices Australia. Two residents in Eastlakes made 343 complaints between them.A Senate hearing yesterday heard that nationally more than half the 24,000 noise complaints received last year were made by 20 people.The president of No Aircraft Noise, Allan Rees, said the Airservices Australia complaint line was ”just a sink for complaints”.”Most people give up complaining because nothing happens,” he said. But he said those determined to see change, or who are affected personally, would continue. ”I don’t think there’s anything sinister or outrageous about people continuing to complain,” he said.An Airservices Australia spokesman, Matt Wardell, said a few people regularly made multiple complaints. ”There are some significant aberrations in the stats,” he said.”Summer Hill’s always there because we have one or two individuals there who regularly make complaints.”But in Coogee, 22 people made 176 complaints, ”which arguably is more representative of some broader community concern,” he said.with AAP