Matthew Caldicott … undone by a carrot cake Some of the guest judges and regular judges of Masterchef
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A taste test has claimed yet another young MasterChef hopeful with the shock exit of Sydney number cruncher Matthew Caldicott.

The 21-year-old accountant found himself kicked off the Channel Ten series after wrongly identifying an ingredient in a Calombaris carrot cake.

“I knew eggs were in it as I’m sure nearly every cake has eggs in it,” Caldicott said afterwards.

“I then said apricots as there were little slithers on top of the cake. When the judges asked me to specify I freaked out and said the first thing in my head which was dried apricots, but it was apricot jam.

“I was pretty shattered as I knew a few ingredients that I was keeping up my sleeve.”

After failing the Qantas A380 challenge, Caldicott’s blue team was forced to compete against one another in the elimination round; a taste test to name all 16 ingredients used in the traditional carrot cake recipe passed down judge George Calombaris’ family.

The irony of his elimination was not lost on Caldicott, a third-generation accountant who has now shunned his profession to pursue a career in the kitchen.

“I guess it is a little ironic.

“All those months of hard work came to an end because of one word.”

Caldicott, whose specialty during the series was modern Australian with a French twist, is positive about his chances in the hospitality industry and has not touched a calculator since leaving the show.

“I’ve been doing some work experience at Spice Temple in Sydney, which has been great, and setting up some catering work,” he said.

“My parents have been really supportive and they’re really happy for me. They want to see me do something with this now, whether it’s me trying to become a chef – which they’re all for – or getting into another part of the industry.”